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for spirits
for spirits
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 Dice Cubes for Spirits...

1" cubes | Natural | Set of nine

100% made the USA, Milled in our Michigan soapstone workshop. Add three chilled stones to your next dram, let stand for 5 minutes and enjoy. Set of 9 soapstone beverage cubes + muslin storage bag. Not for use with larger volume drinks.

We believe that whiskey is a drink that, much like revenge, is best served cold, but not too cold, and definitely not diluted. While all whiskey drinkers have their own preferred method of preparation and consumption, we prefer our whiskey strong and with a slight chill to it. Watery, ice-cold whiskey is difficult to enjoy, which is why we avoid using ice in our whiskey. Ice, which inevitably converts into its liquid counterpart, diminishes the fragrance and dilutes the taste of your whiskey. The extra cash spent on purchasing a quality whiskey is invested in the distillation and aging processes. These processes are what give whiskey its unique characteristics. Don't waste your money, drink your whiskey On Dice Cubes

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